Switching Clinic Software

Best Practice
Increasing fees of some Clinical software has had a drastic affect on general practices across the country. GP's tend to be trapped by their existing practice software, no product migration can be guaranteed trouble free and most GP's accept the devil they know. This seems to apply to all EXCEPT Medical Director to Best Practice migration. Both of these packages are the brainchild of Dr Pyefinch, the latter product being his current project.
There is never 100% guarantee of a trouble free migration, but the core similarity's between the two packages and their MS SQL foundations just about does guarantee trouble free transition.
The decrease in yearly licensing fees, particularly for smaller Medical Practices, make the initial setup and training headache all worthwhile.

Genie Solutions
Genie is a fully integrated Appointments, Billing and Clinical Management software program.
Genie Solutions was established in 1995 and is now used by over 2700 practices, including around 40% of Australian specialists. Customer base continues to grow rapidly and the software is fully-featured and competitively priced. 
Genie is also the only solution that runs natively on MacOS and Windows. With the proliferation of iDevices, an increasing number of Doctors also use a Mac Computer, Genie is their only solution. The well designed software package, designed by a Doctor, is also stable, robust and has fairly modest hardware requirements. Less than a thousand dollars is all that is required for a medium size practice server.