About Us

Macroware Systems has been providing top-notch IT support since 1995, with a focus on meeting the needs of corporations, organisations, small businesses, and individual consumers. Over the years, our commitment to quality solutions has earned us long-standing relationships with clients ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations.

As a virtual IT department, Macroware Systems has successfully maintained the complete IT infrastructure for a number of prestigious organisations including Vogue Magazine, CFMEU, NSW Fire Brigade Employees Union, The CEPU national union, MLCOA, Lighthouse Surgery, and The Health Care Centre.

Our expertise is especially sought after by medical professionals, including General Practitioners, Specialists, Clinics, and large Medical Centres, who rely on us for efficient, up-to-date IT infrastructure and innovative solutions that can be life-saving.

In addition to our IT support services, Macroware Systems is also well known for our dependable and cost-effective data recovery services for businesses and individuals.